#rpgjourney – Games mean a heck of a lot to me

I have a weirldy changing-all-the-time relationship with games. Altough, with ADHD, thats just what all my interests are like, I suppose.

The point is: I want to pin down what I really like. Collect that. Maybe, once I get around to it, brush it all up and present it in a neat package. If not for an audience, then just for myself.

Another point is to challange myself and play games I have put off before. Grab what new things they offer that I like and catalogue them here. A little “best of experiences” journal, if you will.

And finally, I like to entertain the thought of making an RPG myself one day. Having a pool of my favorite ideas to draw from will be very useful. Maybe even just to write a tabletop adventure.

But yeah. Welcome. This is it.